Los Cabos FAQ for First Time Visitors

Los Cabos is one of the top 5 tourist destinations in México. If you are planning a trip to Los Cabos for the first time, you probably have a lot of questions, don’t worry we are here to help!


Where_Los_Cabos1. Where is Los Cabos located?

Los Cabos is located in the southern tip of the state of Baja California Sur in México. When visiting for the first time, many people don’t know that Los Cabos consists of two towns: Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo connected by the Tourist Corridor, a 20 mile highway, with beautiful ocean views, where many hotels can be found as well.

Each town has a unique personality, San José del Cabo is a more cultural and traditional Mexican town, while Cabo San Lucas, also known as ‘Cabo’ by tourists, is known for its nightlife, luxury marina, and the famous Arch located in the Land’s End, where the Sea of Cortez meets the Pacific Ocean.


2. Where is the airport located? How do I get to my hotel or villa from the airport?

The Los Cabos International Airport (SJD) is located in San José del Cabo, a 20min drive for the hotel zone in San José del Cabo and about a 45min drive to Cabo San Lucas.

We recommend for you to book your airport transportation prior to your arrival. Start off your vacation with the right foot! We, at All-Ways Cabo Tranportation, offer private six-passenger vehicles (Escalade or Suburban) with room for luggage, a professional bilingual driver and complimentary beer and/or bottled water upon arrival. Feel free to contact us for additional information.


3. What is the Los Cabos time zone?

Los Cabos is Mountain Standard Time (UTC/GMT -7:00 hours). Click here to view the exact time.


4. How is the weather in Los Cabos? Is there a hurricane season?

The weather in Los Cabos is warm and sunny most of the year. The average temperature is of 78°F (26°C). During the winter, the nights tend to be cooler and it can get be chilly near the ocean. Late in the summer, the temperatures rise up to 90°F (32°C) and the nights are warm as well.

The official hurricane season in Los Cabos is from June to October, however most of the storms usually take place during September, which is also one of the hottest months. The best time to visit Los Cabos is from late October to late May.


5. Can my fiancé and I get legally married in Los Cabos?

Of course! Actually Los Cabos is one of the most popular locations for beach destination weddings. If you are planning on getting married in Los Cabos, click here for more information of experienced and professional wedding vendors.


6. What are some popular activities in Los Cabos?

  • Dinning in a variety of renowned restaurants with exquisite gourmet cuisine.
  • Play golf in excellent courses, considered the best in the world. Designed by renowned professional golfers such as Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods.
  • Go sport fishing. Los Cabos is known as the world capital of fishing Marlin and is host of the famous annual Bisbee’s Tournament.
  • Feel the adventure by practicing water sports. Snorkeling, diving, kayaking, wave runners, and jet packs are some of the activities offered in the different beaches of Los Cabos.
  • Enjoy a unique whale watching experience. From December to April, is the mating season of Gray Whales in the coasts of Baja California Sur.
  • Take a ride on a boat or water taxi at Medano Beach to visit the famous Arch and the ‘Lover’s Beach’ next to it.


7. Are the beaches in Los Cabos private or public? Are they safe for swimming?

All beaches in Mexico, by law, are public property. Therefore, they are open to everyone, even the beaches in front of the hotels.

Some beaches in Los Cabos, mainly the beaches in the side of the Pacific Ocean, are not safe for swimming. A common swimmable beach is Medano Beach. Many non-spoiled beaches in the East Cape, such as Cabo Pulmo, are also safe for swimming.


8. Do businesses in Los Cabos accept US Dollars? Can I use my credit card?

The Mexican Peso is Mexico’s official currency, but almost all businesses accept US Dollars and give change in pesos.

All major credit cards (except Discovery and Diners) are widely accepted. American Express may not be accepted in small stores or restaurants. ATM machines are another option for cash and they are found mostly in streets near downtown.


9. What is I.V.A.?

I.V.A. is the Mexican sales tax, it is 16% in the state of Baja California Sur. Most products have this tax included in the price shown.


10. Is Wi-Fi popular around Los Cabos?

Most hotels offer wireless internet for free, however some charge a fee to use it. Outside of your hotel, Los Cabos has a growing number of free hotspots in restaurants and stores, so feel free to bring your laptop, smart phone, or tablet to connect.


Los Cabos was recently tagged as #UNSTOPPABLE, after surviving Hurricane Odile and rising stronger than before.

Visit Los Cabos, don’t be afraid to discover this beautiful and unique destination!

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