Surf in Los Cabos

Los Cabos is a tourist destination with many attractions that have brought people from all around the world. One of the many reasons to visit our beautiful destination are its various surf spots. For many, surf is not only a sport, but a lifestyle.


The better known surf spots in Los Cabos are:


  • Acapulquito

Beginners to Advanced

Acapulquito, located in San José del Cabo, has excellent waves to learn the basics of surfing, a gentle right run with rocky bottom that lets beginners stand and enjoy a good ride. It is also the official long board beach.


  • La Roca (The Rock)

Middle to Advanced

Located next to Acapulquito in San José del Cabo,  this beach has really fun right breaking waves with swells that reach 8 to 10 feet high. Only 200 meters from La Roca is another nice spot for beginners called Playa Pescadito.


  • Costa Azul – Zipper’s


Costa Azul, better known as Zipper’s, located in San José del Cabo, is a first rate right wave for experts considered the ‘official’ location for locals.


  • Monumentos (Monuments Beach)


You will only be able to surf in Cabo San Lucas if you are an intermediate or better surfer. Located only five minutes from downtown Cabo, Playa Monumentos is a tricky beach where the left breaks over rocks. Bad planning on this run can result in injury, but once you get to know this break you will keep coming back for the big rush. Monumentos is the locals favorite in Cabo San Lucas.


  • Cerritos

Beginners to Experts

Located 45 minuted from Cabo San Lucas, on the highway that goes to La Paz, near Todos Santos, Cerritos is a beach where beginners and experts can surf in harmony as everyone can find a good wave. It is the perfect place where friends and family can come together and learn to surf.


Fortunately as Los Cabos is located in the tip of Baja Sur between to seas, wave season runs year round. The waves arrive to the Sea of Cortes in April and last until the last swells in early November, but when the waves ‘ends’ in the Sea of Cortes the best wave season begins in the Pacific Ocean when the big swells from the north come to our shores. From December to April it is common to encounter 6 to 8 foot waves on any given day and on big swell days you can find 15 to 18 foot waves.


This month of June, Los Cabos hosted for another year the Los Cabos Open of Surf, an event that is anticipated with excitement, both locally and internationally. For more information on this tournament visit:


Surf’s up in Cabo!

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